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Originally Posted by B. J. Max View Post
Thanks to all for your advice and tips. I have, after giving it due consideration, decided to vacation somewhere safe this summer. Like maybe Detroit or the Bronx. Seriously, thank a;; of you for your comments and warnings...We will heed your advise, steer clear of LA all together and ride through San Francisco merely to get back on Highway one. The Redwoods are on the agenda as well as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite...Thank you all...If you ever plan a trip to Tennessee, give me a holler and I'll return the favor...

Ride straight.
I live in the SF Bay Area, just N. of the Golden Gate Bridege and ride into SF often on my wing. If you stay along the warf area you will have no issues with hills. One can cruise along the warf and even down Market St and no be worried about hills. True, if you chose to cross from the main downtown area to some of the neighborhood you will endure some very steep hills and not enjoy it on a bike or car for that matter. Enjoy the city as you wish.. there is parking albiet in parking garges that will cost you but your bike wont be bother, particularly during the day.

If you have the time ride as much of Hiway 1 as you can. The route is beautiful and you really get the flavor of how big this state is. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and Yosemite National Park is a must see. The biggest **** trees you will ever see and some wonderful sites to see. If you have the time to ride North of SF, Hiway 1 is just as wonderful with a more rough coastline. The road twists and turns right along the coast for most of it. Again.. if time permits, Lake Tahoe and area are wonderful. Access via some wonderful roads or via Highway 80 or Highway 50.. both high speed roads with nice scenery. Take a ride around the Lake and just kick back and be amazed.

Ok, I'm biased but I dont think you will find a state with as diverse roads and sites to visit and see. I say that having ridden through much of the US though I have not ridden every state yet. I look forward to doing so though. If you have any questions, feel comforatable in sending me a PM and I will give you some more suggestions or answer what questions you might have.

One last point, as for carrying.. I wouldnt in California. The laws here just arent favorable to carrying.

Take care and whatever you decide be safe and enjoy!!!!!

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