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Sat morning Rides Lincoln ne group of friends.

We are suppose to ride this Sat headed up North for large hamburger. But weather man says rain Sat morning so don't know time or location yet. I'm assuming same as last week 8 AM side stands up if you got them at 8:30 AM Casey's on NW 48th and Hyw 34. If I hear anything different will post on here.

Bob called said the rain is suppose to move out of area by 7:00 AM so ride is on..

Sorry got the year wrong in the heading and can not figure out how to change it.

Bob is headed up to Storm Lake IA Fri 4/13/12 morning anyone who wants to join us call or meet at Dave's house at 8:30 AM. I am up in the air as to going or not. There going to visit a Honda dealer there.
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