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WTB: 2006-2009 with ABS and NAV.

Wanted: 2006-2009 with ABS and NAV. First choice in color would be dark blue, second choice would be maroon/red, third choice would be white.

Would prefer a unit with less than 20,000 miles. Must be clean and well maintained.

A unit still under warranty (either factory or extended) would be a plus.

I'm located in Central Illinois, will travel up to 400 miles one way to buy the right bike. Would consider travelling farther for an exceptional unit.

Money in hand, ready to buy.

Tell me what you have, and let's talk.

"Be side I payed a lot more for my Harley then You payed for your Honda and I respect My Bike more then You do yours...." --From a relative who owns a yellow Harley.

And to think, all this time that I've been RIDING my Goldwing... I could have been "respecting" it instead.

2008 GL1800 - Cabernet Red with NAV and ABS
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