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Originally Posted by Waldo View Post
If you buy a wheel that does not have the "tit" don't run it with non-TPMS Honda stems because the centrifugal force when riding at freeway speeds may cause your EOM flexible stems to flex at high speeds and return to 90 at slower speeds. This is the "beer can tab" effect and if you bend a beer can tab up and down often enough, it will break. You will need solid Patch Boy stems or equivalent. Note that if you have the wheels with the "tit" and you have lost your plastic stem holder, replace the stem holder.

This is a documented problem from the Valkyrie forums from back in 98. Same stems.

This is correct.But I had figured most would be running the bolt on stems by now because of that stupid plastic part always falling off unless it's siliconed to the wheel so it stays put.
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