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Sirius/xm renewal

It's renewal time & they jacked the price. I've had XM on the Wing since new and I'd like to keep it.

What are good tactics you've used to get the $ down over the phone?
What's their response if you call to cancel?
How long does it take to have service cut off if you just don't pay?

Thanks for anything.

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Let it expire, in short order they will be contacting you with all kinds of deals to re-up.

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There is a little known fact that "if" you tell them you want a lifetime membership.
The cost will be a lot cheaper. The only problem is you pay upfront. I've had friends
who have done this with their cars. If you get a new car, you have to pay a transfer

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My "Trial subscription" ended after purchasing my 2012 Wing. They sent me this OBSCENE invoice for renewal, so I decided to let it just END. I thought I was going to put the bike up for the winter, so there was no need for XM radio on a bike that is parked.

Well, it appears that I can still ride (at least for now) even in the cold weather.

SiriusXM sent me a "We Want you Back!" offer. I decided to take advantage of it. I now have six months of service on my Wing's XM radio (without the traffic or weather) for a total price of $33.26.

I told the salesman that their prices were obscene, especially for a bike that is only ridden occasionally . He said that in order to get the BEST prices, you had to call in "a week or so before your current subscription runs out." Then they will tell you about their current offers for continued service and you can select the one that makes the most sense to you.

He said that if you just start up service on a dead radio or "automatically renew", they will charge you the premium price! They'll try to get top dollar, but they REALLY want your continued business, so the price is "very negotiable." (His words)

As he was completing the order, he said I'd get six months for $34.65 (I wrote it down)

THEN he went on and said, "Okay, so you're getting six months of service for $36.76 and that will ..."

I wrote down $36.76

I said, "Excuse me? You JUST quoted me $34.65. Why did the price go up over $2.00 in a matter of a minute? "

He paused and said, "What price did I quote you?"

I replied, "$34.65."

He said, "Hold on. let me do something ... Okay your price is $33.26. That's my FINAL ANSWER!" (In reference to the game show, I guess )

I wrote THAT down.

"So I will charge your credit card for $33.76 for six months ..."

I said, "Wait a minute! You just raised it by fifty cents!"

He said, "I changed to another screen. What was the final number I gave you? it is easier to ask you than to go back."

I said, "Your FINAL PRICE was $33.26. What is it? Do you guys just have a big glass bowl with little slips of paper in them, with different prices written on them, and you just reach in and pull out a number? I've never seen a company that cannot give a customer a firm price for a service offered! Do you just make this stuff up as you go along?"

He apologized. He said, "Okay Mr. Jones. I have you service started up again for $33.26, total cost for six months of service. Remember to call in before it expires to get the best renewal rates..."

I don't know HOW SiriusXm sells their service. I suspect that a person can become an "independent dealer" and when a customer calls the toll-free number, the call is simply routed to the next salesman sitting in his mom's basement with a Nintendo in front of him. It SEEMS like he sells the service for a random price above an established minimum. Perhaps S/XM says, "When you sell a subscription, you will pay us $15.00 for six months. Anything you sell it for over that is yours to keep." I really believe that the S/XM service is priced like a taxicab! The cabbie leases the cab for $700 per week, and he can charge ANY price he chooses for the fare. It really seemed like this guy was using a calculator while we were talking ... "Lets see ... if I mark it up 6.525% for my commission, the prices is ... Hmmm ... it sounds like he is going to back off. What if I mark it up 5.875% ... then the price is ..."

When I renew, I'm going to ell them that if they can give me S/XM service for $8.00 per month, I'll take it. Otherwise, our business relationship is concluded, so have a nice day!

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Trick with canceling the subscription didn't work for me... it's either whom you get or they don't care.... I was about a week before the end of 3 year subscription .....

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Good info Gravedigger. I'm looking to renew my XM service. Might give them a call tonight. My 3 month introduction expired a while ago, but I'm thinking I may try to go the lifetime route.

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What really pisses me off is that the web page they give you for their special offer NEVER works and always instructs you to call them. I have TWO different special offer letters from them for 2 vehicles and I just went to the address and NEITHER of my radio ESN or Account numbers work.

We are unable to complete this transaction online. Please call Listener Care at (866) 635-2489. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Originally Posted by flyerq68 View Post
Let it expire, in short order they will be contacting you with all kinds of deals to re-up.

That's my experience as well.


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I feel yall, I just renewed mine from my trial, $86++++=$109 and change, for a year, they sent me a invoice, I went to Amscot and got a money order and sent to them , my balance for the year is 0, I didn't even want to let them near my CC or bank info, lol, lol, no way Jose. they also went up to $86 as of 01/01/12 as if I had done it before the end of 2011 it would have been $77 ++++. Had to also do over the phone as like you when tried on the internet I met the same resistance. So with that being said I have a year to ponder their future with me.

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When I purchased my 05 GMC I signed up for 3 years, then renewed it again. Now, since I ride my wing most of the time to work and we take the wifes car (better gas mileage) I cant justify the cost of the XM, so I did not renew when they sent me the bill for 3 more years. Then they started sending me letters that I owed the bill so I finally called them. At least they were pretty nice on the phone, better than before. I told them I did not want to renew and so they still wanted me to pay for the couple of months that went past the renew date, but they finally waved that so I did not pay them anything. Now once or month or more I get emails and letters wanting me to pay the $25 for 6 months, but......after the 6 months they auto renew you at the full price. I know I could call and cancel, but I dont miss it all that much anyway. I learned several yrs ago to NEVER give them you credit card number, just tell them to send a bill. At least that way they cannot just charge your cc when it comes due. Lot more trouble to get your money back once they have it.


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