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Dino Oil to Synthetic Oil and Back

I am sorry if this thread was already posted, but I couldn't find it.
Here is my question:
Is it true that you shouldn't switch dino oil to synthetic oil then back to dino oil in your Wing or any other motorcycle engine? If this is true, what is the reason?
I also know the newer engine are tighter and need sysnthetic oils in automobiles, but are the newer motorcycles engines being made tighter to pass EPA rules like the automobile engines?
Thanks for your input!


From NH
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I am guessing that since the Goldwing engine is going on 13 years old, it would not be classified as a "newer" engine requiring synthetic blends.
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Nah. Old wife's tale. Swap from dino to synthetic and back as often as you like. I don't have a clue how that rumor got started but lots of folks still believe it.

A few year ago had the mechanic at my local BMW shop tell me that my bike (R1100RT) would go belly up if I ran Mobil 1 oil in it but Amsoil (which amazingly enough he happened to sell) was fine.
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In the 1980's and 90's this was deemed as "true". Not sure why, other than the oil companies may just wanted to keep you once they had you.

As for modern oils, it is ok to switch back and forth.


Cheers and Good Riding, Keith
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No problem switching but, for the life of me, I can not think of any good reason to switch from syntheic to dino
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The engine's in our Goldwings might have a 13-year design, but they are still made new every year. I wouldn'r hesitate to use synthetic oils or swap back and forth as you please.

One way or t'other enjoy your slippery decision.
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Originally Posted by tfdeputydawg View Post
No problem switching but, for the life of me, I can not think of any good reason to switch from syntheic to dino
Synthetics usually cost substantially more, unless the interval between oil changes is greatly extended. I prefer to change my oil frequently, usually every 3 thousand miles, so I use dino oils.

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Oh goody, an oil thread.

It's been over 10 days since the last one and I was having withdrawals.

My opinion...

Switch back and forth all you want. Unless you are pushing ultimate performance doing some kind of Goldwing race series or trying to squeeze 15K miles out of an oil change, synthetics are not necessary, but it's your money, so spend it how you want..

I do like the feel of the clutch when using a MC specific oil that is designed for a wet clutch application so I will always use a MC specific oil. Other than that, get the viscosity that matches your seasonal temps that is within spec for the bike, change per the manual, and have fun riding as many miles as you want before you get tired of the bike.

Some people will say you should use synthetic oil or change more often than the manual requires because it's "cheap insurance" but those same people will not be able to produce a single GL1800 that had a wear related engine failure before 300K miles (providing that maintenance was done at least as often as Honda specifies) that would have been prevented by synthetic oil. Insurance should protect you from a disaster that you don't want to pay for. If there is nothing to protect from, I wouldn't call it's cheap insurance, more like a small donation to some oil companies bottom line that makes you feel better.

But hey....there's nothing wrong with feeling better. Think of all the chrome that gets sold because people like the way it looks.

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Originally Posted by tfdeputydawg View Post
No problem switching but, for the life of me, I can not think of any good reason to switch from syntheic to dino
I'm not sure not sure if this qualifies as a "good" reason, but...

Maybe someone's oil is due for changing, and their finances are tighter than usual. So they decide that, if they buy Dino oil instead of Synthetic, they'll have money left for gasoline?

Since Mother Honda doesn't require Syn., many the correct formula/wt. of Dino is... Good Enough?

to the OP:

when you drain & change oil & filter, there is still oil left in your engine. Even if you use the same type of oil, you are mixing the two types of oil that should concern all of us the most - clean oil and dirty oil.
Clean oil good! Dirty oil bad!

You are a 'go' for launch. Change your oil.

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Originally Posted by tfdeputydawg View Post
No problem switching but, for the life of me, I can not think of any good reason to switch from syntheic to dino
One good reason I have is my '06 likes Rotella 15w40 better than any of the expensive syn's I have tried and I have tried allot of them. I think one has to find out what works best for them. I tried Amsoil, Mobil 4T race, Rotella T6 and other syns and I like the Rotella 15w40 the best. Oh and I change only every 8k per the manual. The 15w40 only costs $13 at Wally World. Only ran DINO in my '89 Wing for 92k and 16 years. Never had an issue.
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