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All this information here is of course subjective to how you plan to ride. I'm sure you are taking that into account.

Personally, My GW had the factory nav. If yours doesn't, I am pretty sure that some of the Garmin units available are waaaay better than the Honda version. I use the nav most every time I ride. Even if I am going home from riding somewhere I use it for the benefit of it telling me what time I will arrive. The map is great for "situational awareness".

I just this past week got the Gerbing/Gyde heated jacket liner and gloves. In a word…..AWESOME…I don't know why I waited this long to get them.. (And I live in FL) !!! Probably the price had something to do with it.

CB…..The first thing I added after I got the bike. I bought the Honda factory unit and had it installed at a GW convention here in FL. The group I ride with most frequently uses the CB. In retrospect. I don't really need it. But, if you DO get one, consider this. Even though I did not buy mine from the Honda dealer, Because it was factory Honda equipment, I did have it serviced under warranty at my Honda dealer. Seems that when I installed a "back off" modulator that a connection with the CB came loose.

Pull behind trailer..ahhhhh thats what I am considering right now. But the one I want, Tailwind, is just a weeeeee bit too pricey. For 8K I can ship a LOT of clothes to motels I would be staying in.

My 2 cents…FWIW...

1. Garmin
2. Heated gear.
3. CB
4. Trailer.

the BEST thing you have though, the Goldwing...
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My 2012 has NAV which for my use, is really pretty good. I did mount a Nuvi Garmin recently and they work fine. A little Baggie will cover it nicely if it's raining.
I have no need for CB. Don't like riding in groups at all. If you happen to do a lot of that, it may be nice. I got the heated jacket liner and gloves next. If you ride in 50 degree F or colder, you will quickly really like the Jacket. Has to be really cold to use the gloves though. When it gets below 30F you will REALLY REALLY like the jacket liner. Have never been able to run with the heat all the way up. I usually do a fairly long trip at least once a year. 6,500 to 7,500 miles during 2 week vacation. I take a big Redvertz tent, air mattress, ice chest, food, etc and love having the trailer. This is traveling solo. If I go more than a few hundred miles and plan on spending the night....the trailer goes along. In cold weather I take along a Little Buddy space heater too. This year when I went to Nova Scotia, I took my spare final drive and alternator along as well. I know I could have any of the parts shipped if I had needed them, but I just didn't have time to deal with that.

So for me..
1) backrest!
2) heated jacket liner
3) trailer. An Aluma is an inexpensive trailer and pulls great. That was my first one. You can't go wrong with one of those. You can buy all of what you mentioned if you get an Aluma and still have money left over compared to buying a Bushtec, Hannigan (which IS my second trailer) or a Tailwind for sure. And I'm positive they are a great trailer but way expensive.

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Originally Posted by 84 nighthawk View Post
Pull behind trailer? Heated gear? CB or Garmin 660 GPS?
Considering the time of year; Heated Gear, Garmin GPS gotta know where you going, trailer to make the trip that much better to haul your goodies back home!
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I'm rollin' out the door at 6:10am this morn,
it's 7* here in the valley.
Give ya one guess what my vote is

Peace, Whiskey.
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Trailer for sure!CB is nice if you ride in groups, but not an essential.

I have never owned heated gear or an external GPS, so no comment on those two.

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What kind of trailer? Cargo or Camper. We started out with a H/F trailer to carry our camping gear and then graduated to a Bunkhouse Camper. Would not go back to sleeping on the ground!! Personally I never found a CB useful. Backrest would be nice, but again for me not a necessity. Heated gear...maybe...now that I'm back in the NE. GPS YES...always good to have..but they are really inexpensive...don't really need the ones made for a cycle...just get one used in a car...works just as well. My wife would most likely like some arm rests...had them on the 96 Wing...but not yet on the 08 Wing.

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If riding in a group where everyone else has CB's, then CB is number 1. If riding solo or riding group doesn't have CB, you may not need one at all.

Outside of that, I'd do the GPS, then heated gear, and then the trailer. (heated gear would move up the list if I was riding below 45 as a common occurrence). For me, I live in Texas and heat is more of a problem than cold. As such, I still don't have heated gear but it's next on my list after a ride to AR where I was jealous of @Monk and his heated gear.

Currently I have CB and GPS.

I don't think I'll ever pull a trailer. I'm not against them but I just don't need one as my wife and I are light packers. We can tour indefinitely with just the saddlebags and trunk as long as we stop and do laundry every 5 days or so.

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trailer, heated gear, CB, 660 GPS

From this list, the only one I really need to spend more time in the saddle is heated gear.
Next would come any GPS, then CB, which I could do without. Most likely never buy a trailer as I ride solo.

Next to heated gear, second on MY necessity list would be an aux fuel tank.


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I've had heated gear for over 20 years, CB since about 1997 and it's a great tool to have it makes everything so much easier when traveling with others. have had GPS for about 9 years and sure would hate to give it up, never pulled a trailer and don't need one but I can see where trailer could be very handy tool to have, but don't forget the very significant added danger that comes with pulling a trailer. If I had to I would get along fine without any of that stuff.

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I don't like GPS, half the fun of riding is getting lost and finding new roads to ride on ........
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