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Originally Posted by Duckster View Post
Sorry PorchRacer57, I guess I misunderstand your posts. I don't speak peckingese.
I've always found it amusing that you would make your racing references and talk about how fast you are to someone with a name like mine. Just so you know, I figured out on my own before I was even in my teens hanging out in the Pits or hanging on the fences where I was too young to get into the Pits, that the ones that "talk the most, win the least" and bragging about how you beat bikes with less horsepower ? WTF is that all about ? LOL Once you are actually around a race of any type, you will quickly learn that people that make comments such as yours are never taken serious. They are always ducking out of the way of the ones that are serious and I'm sure that your now going to say some blah blah blah comments about how much racing you have done like all the big talkers do after being called out. So don't ever expect anyone to take your comments serious, especially when you start talking about how fast you think you are or making your childish comments trying to get people to race you or try to get into a bash fest. If you want to be taken serious, then act like an adult.
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For all the standard equipment you get with a K1600 and all those neet inovations the BMW engineers came up with, you'd think just once one
of them would say,"hay guys how about we put some guards around the fairing and saddlebags to protect them when, not if, the owner drops
his big expensive motorcycle. Just saying!
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Originally Posted by Smokin Joe View Post
Thought you were speaking of the K1600, if so YES they did on the very FIRST series of K1600's although it was an option, I RODE the bike but did not buy that first year, soooo wrong again!
They also had a goofy passenger hand grips the wife had to reach under her backside and they fixed that mid year REAL quick!

BTW, your original post implied they DO NOT have currently them, not when you were looking in 2011. See below

Anyhow I am glad you are happy with your Harley and please ride safely!
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to you too!
When I was looking, I think it was at the R1200RT, and the salesman was saying something about this being a redesign year, so he said there were no CRASH GUARDS available yet. JOE, I "think" this was back in 2014 or 2015.

I go to Police Motorcycle practice sessions, and I have yet to attend one where I didn't see at least ONE bike drooped during the session. No problem, just pick it up and go again. But without those CRASH GUARDS, there would be considerable damage. So that is why CRASH GUARDS are a necessity for me to have on any bike I ride.

A lot of people feel like they "ugly" up the bike though. They don't llok as ugly as a bike that tips over without them though. LOL!!
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Originally Posted by Sparky57 View Post
There are no doubt a lot of people riding big bikes that are really too big for them, mostly due to their height or size, and sometimes strength. I have held my breath more than once watching some people try to maneuver them.

But I have seen just as many 500 lb bikes laying on their side as I have seen big bikes. The ability to handle a big bike has nothing to do with the need for tipover protection. I have never dropped my Wing, but I did have a Magna go over on me once on a gravel parking lot when I forgot to leave the bike in gear after I parked it. A riding buddy dropped his Concours at a stop light once when he put his right foot down right into a deep pothole that he did not see. I have nearly dropped my Wing a few times in gravel parking lots when my foot slipped on the gravel. I have seen bikes of all size get knocked over by the wind or by people walking by and not paying attention. And sometimes you can just have a brain fart and do something stupid.

It would be very hard to protect a bike from any damage in a tipover. Things that stick out, like mirrors and turn signals often get damaged. But I think it is poor design when a simple tipover will likely cause thousands of dollars in damage to fairings and saddlebags unless you invest in aftermarket protection.

Many bikes have design omissions that should not have happened, so I am not singling out BMW. The Wing has its share of them. But this is a particularly egregious oversight on BMW's part that is hard to defend, especially on such an expensive bike. Maybe a little less focus on sexy gadgets, and a little more on the bike's design would have been in order in this case.
Yep, so if anyone wants guards on their bike, put them on. It's neither a design flaw or hard to figure out.

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Originally Posted by Rapidray View Post
It's you're, "you're the one"... I was asking what he meant, I thought. My Centramatics don't weigh anywhere near 20 pounds per wheel. Maybe 2 lbs. And perhaps some real racers could tell the difference but I have a hard time believing that a 200 pound rider on a 950 bike with a full tank of gas could tell whether or not the bike has Centramatics on it or not. Or a car tire. And I am not in Iowa, I have stoner friends if the need arises.
I'm not sure his comments were directed at you, but for sure it was one of us. Simple physics, spin those centramatics and figure out the pounds of force they are exerting at any given ground speed. Application of that simple physics...added unsprung weight negitively affects acceleration, braking, and the ability and force needed to move off a straight line of inertia...ie, handling.

My original point was in-part a counter point to the dwelling on lack of crash bars as a "design flaw" while once again, and as usual on this board, diverting to any point convenient towards not discussing or admitting either how refined and superior handling some other motorcycles have become, or the issues Honda has refused to incrementally address or outright fix.

Surely someone here sees the irony of the obvious necessity of crash bars on a 950 pound motorcycle with a rider not up to handling it well AND that has had accessories added that add more weight and decrease the handling even more....maybe not. I'm sure some here would argue against a BMW because they can't put Centramatics on one. (that's funny, I don't care who you are)

BTW, Pot is not legal in Iowa and the Alcohol distributors intend to keep it that way.
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Originally Posted by Racer57 View Post
I noticed that you didn't say anything about racing one like you do with Harleys that have 20hp less.
Not unless your on it....

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Originally Posted by LD_RIDER View Post
Nice bikes and lots of riders are happy with them. Big problem for me is reliability. Until BMW has demonstrated that they can build a K1600 that won't periodically leave you on the side of the road or have multiple trips to the dealer for warranty work and are money pits once out of warranty they aren't a consideration. For me.

I've been on the K1600 forum since before the bikes were even imported to the USA and there are way, WAY too many horror stories there for my comfort level.

Some riders put up with the leaking waterpumps, blown engines, broken switch gear, funky electronics, squeaking front suspension, etc, etc, and other issues because when the bike is running right it is something special.

There is a <reason> BMW only offers a 36,000 mile warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on their wonderbike .

Now that I think about it BMW motorcycles are about as reliable as their cars

I gotta go with LD on this one.

I owned a K16 GT. It was the most exhilarating bike ever. I think you all who like to hot-rod the Goldwing would have even more fun doing it with a K16. They are more nimble, faster...they are like the FJR in that they are more 'sport' than 'touring' in ergonomic and performance.

While they are running, there is no doubt they out-perform a Wing in all aspects including the tech gadgetry section.

My forks broke down on my K16 up in Washington with a malfunction quirk they have been exhibiting since their maiden in 2012. I traded it as soon as I wobbled to a Portland dealership.

You see: In order to warranty a part, a BMW dealership has to place a request; BMW mothership either accepts or rejects (you can usually count that to take two weeks). If accept, it 'll take two weeks to send the part, two weeks to replace a fork system--I would have set in a Motel for a month. If Mother Beemer rejects the warranty, then I would have sat in a motel for a month plus pay the bill.

The cylinder walls of K16 are very thin, thus the compact size of the 6 banger. At least one writer noted that as a possible reason for their various engine trouble and speculation for possible future problems.

There are many K16 owners that claim high miles and no problems in Beemer forum...but that was not my experience nor the majority of what I read about them, so I own another Wing now.

Everything is more expensive on a Beemer.

As far as for touring, comfort and durability, the ancient Wing is still the MOAM...mother of all motorcycles
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