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Originally Posted by GaTeach View Post
This is the toughest crowd I've ever seen....lol
it's amazing what some folks complain about .
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Originally Posted by GaTeach View Post
I love all these roads and I love riding them again and again. I have preferences, but I can't imagine thinking they're overrated. There's a reason these roads are so popular and always on peoples' lists.

I don't care for the Pike's Peak-type road. I'm way too jacked up on the bike to have fun. But that's because of my failing as a rider and not because of the road. When I went up Pike's Peak, it was hailing. We followed a snow plow up. I shouldn't probably have done this, but there were Canadians in the group and I couldn't chicken out to Canadians. I was so tense at the top, I couldn't enjoy the scenery because my mind was screaming at me "WEHAVE TO GO BACK DOWN!"

Million Dollar Highway scared the **** out of me. I promised God all sorts of things to bring me off that road.

Ended up on the top of Mount Washington on a lark and felt the same way. My muscles will ache the next day from being to tense on the bike. But I can't relax with the dropoffs...and the gravel...and the wind...and the switchbacks....lol not my thing.

I rode up Grandfather Mountain with a couple of friends the other day and it was a piece of cake.

But the BRP is a work of art. I cannot get enough of that road and when people are in the area, I can't wait to ride it with them.

I'm not a fan of the GSMNP from Cherokee to Gatlinburg, but a lot of my friends think a lot of that road. The scenery is phenomenal, but the pop up camper tow-ers are playing "how many slow driver pull-offs can I pass?" and I can't hang with that.

I'm glad you chimed in here!

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Plus one on the Tail of the Dragon. Decent road but waaay over hyped. First time I rode it I was coming down the mountain. I didn't realize I was on it until I saw the stores at the bottom. It was a big departure from what I expected.

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Originally Posted by rayjoe View Post
Road to the Sun. The scenery is breathtaking, the road sucks!
Stop and go traffic, lots of first gear slipping the clutch as traffic creeps along. It's almost always under construction.

Take the red bus so you can enjoy the views.

I have ridden this road (Going to the Sun) 3 times now on my Wing. Towed the Hannigan twice and the Rollahome once. Only 1 time did I have any construction and that was a short wait of 15 minutes or less maybe I was just lucky. Other then that, I never stoped other than when I wanted to pull over and take photos. I have also taken Beartooth Pass 4 times now. I enjoyed it every time. Even the time I met 2 snow plows (1 had his blade up and the other on just knocking a little slush off the side) and had a little snow. Temps never got to freezing and the main tracks never accumulated any snow. Probably lucky again. I absolutely loved the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper Alberta last year. My wife and I are going back again this year. Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia was fun. Drove it both directions in 2015. I like the ocean drives with rocky shorelines. Also enjoyed the coast highway along the pacific in Washington and Oregon. Enjoyed Canon Beach area. Enjoyed the road around Crater Lake. Really enjoyed highway 12 between Lewiston, Idaho and Lola, Montana. Ive enjoyed the BRP every time I've driven it. Million Dollar highway is a blast. I love that road. Been on it 3-4 times too. Highway 149 in Colorado going through Creede and Lake City is great. Also Colorado 141 going through the 5 star resort (Canyon Gateway) in Gateway is very interesting with the Canyon walls on both sides. Highway 9 into Zion NP is amazing! Highway 128 just north of Moab going east into Colorado is really nice. I guess I've enjoyed a lot of beautiful drives. I live in Oklahoma. Recently there was a road called "Rollercoaster Road" mentioned on this forum. I went to check it out. That was WAY OVER hyped!!!! Not worth driving 5 miles out of your way.
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A lot of the over-hyping is tied to who is doing the hyping and why.

I'm glad it wasn't just me who was underwhelmed by the Three Sisters. Pleasant, but not a Top 10 sort of thing.

I'm sure I'll take it on the chin for this, but Rolling Thunder, while great in many respects, isn't worth the hours and hours that so many people spend in the parking lot waiting for it to go. I've ridden it a few times back when I was working in the building and always managed to avoid the eternal pre-ride stand around. Otherwise, the juice would not have been worth the squeeze.
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Originally Posted by WVMANDINGO View Post
Plus one on the Tail of the Dragon. Decent road but waaay over hyped. First time I rode it I was coming down the mountain. I didn't realize I was on it until I saw the stores at the bottom. It was a big departure from what I expected.

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My wife and I went to a Road King Riders Forum Rally there many years ago. I told her I was a little nervous about riding the Dragon the next morning with the whole group. Well route 28 into Fontana Village is how we got there. The Dragon is right up the road from Fontana. About 5 Miles into the ride on the Dragon, all I saw were taillights and we all pulled up. Some yayhoo 18 wheeler had jackknifed his rig into the mountain and had BOTH lanes blocked!

When we got back to the Village that night and everyone was sitting around talking, I mentioned that I had been nervous about riding that day because of how hard RT 28 was coming into Fontana. I said RT 28 is WAY harder than the Dragon, and they all agreed.
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Originally Posted by Sparky57 View Post

One more just came to mind. I never understood the raving about Cherohola Skyway. It was nice, but not really great compared to other roads I have ridden. Based on what I read, I originally thought I must have been on the wrong road. I just kept waiting for the "awesome" part of it to start. Victim of over-hype maybe?
The Skyway is awesome at a good pace with little to no traffic. I enjoy it more than Deals Gap.
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Sometimes expectations are so high that reality cannot possibly match what we hoped for. I had heard about the Dragon almost all of my riding life. I knew that I had to go there at least once, and in fact I've been there twice. I think it is a great ride if you can do it when traffic, both two and four wheel, is light. But I must say I enjoyed my few hours at Deals Gap as much as riding the Dragon itself.

As to over rated destinations, my first thought is the rally "Thunder in the Smokies" held in Maggie Valley, NC. I was in Maggie Valley last year when this "rally" was taking place. I planned on going, but when I got to the front gate I saw only a handful of bikes and a very small collection of vendors. I decided to save on the admission fee and just spend more time riding the BRP which I truly enjoyed. But as others have said, the BRP experience can be had by riding East from Cherokee, NC for about 100 miles, and then return. That's a good day's ride and not so long that you get bored with this 45 mph well designed road.

Some amazing, if intimidating roads you might want to try include going in WY on Alternate 14 heading west toward Yellowstone. If mountain roads scare you, skip this ride. Another similar ride is in Arizona, taking 191 north from Clifton to Alpine. What I found a bit scary about this ride was that for most of the ride I had no cellular signal, and did not see a single vehicle going in either direction for the few hours it took me to get from Clifton to Alpine. The thought was often on my mind about what I would do if the bike broke down or if I got a flat tire. Fortunately for me, the ride was uneventful in terms of problems. Not for the faint of heart.

I am glad that so far on this thread no one has listed the Americade rally as a disappointment. I have wanted to go there for years and now plan to go this June, solo from where I live in Illinois. I hope its worth the cost and 900 miles of travel through a generally boring Midwest landscape to get there.

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Originally Posted by Canyon Dancer in Colorado View Post
Out West, surprised no one mentioned Mt. Evans, an interesting and challenging ride to the top. Also, Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park is an awesome ride through some incredible scenery and changing weather conditions as you go from the bottom to the top. Also, one of my favorites is the Poudre Canyon over Cameron Pass to Walden and then down into Steamboat Springs.

Another road to hit while in the area would have to be Skyline Drive near Canon City. For those who got scared on Pikes Peak or HW 550? You will NOT want to ride Skyline Drive.

I have ridden Pikes Peak, Mount Evans, Skyline Drive, and The Million Dollar Highway. While the goats we encountered while riding up Evans was definitely a concern, I would ride them all again.......although I would TRY to get out of riding up Skyline Drive !! That one spooked me !!
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I don't think I've found an over hyped road yet. Then again I can usually find something interesting just about anywhere. If I do get bored I twist the throttle till the road makes me want to #$%^ my pants. Then its interesting. The only thing I think that gets to me is slow Harley riders and their deceleration pop.

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