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Still no consensus on ABS brakes on motorcycles.

Safety advocates baffled that no agreement can be reached on mandatory motorcycle ABS in the U.S.

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I have noticed so many posters responding to For Sale threads will ask if the bike has ABS....most even saying they won't consider any bike without ABS. This really makes me wonder why. What experience do they all have where they needed ABS in their riding past. Is it because they just feel safer because they are used to riding in cars with ABS?

I have a 2001 wing without ABS and in 114,000 miles with more absolute panic slow downs than I care to admit to, I have yet to be able to lock up the rear tire and get out of control. Never has happened! Most of my panic stops I have had that I can recall have been when coming around sharp curves and finding something that caused me to brake very hard.....animals on or near road; cars pulling out of blind driveways; objects (piece of firewood) in roadway; etc. Braking hard in corners should cause the rear to swing out even more than in a straight line panic stop.

I think ABS is a nice option if you feel it is necessary for your piece of mind, but really can't ever say it would have saved my butt any better than my old GL1800 without ABS.


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I feel too many options have become mandatory in our lives.

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Bmw has a video on abs that shows how "well " it works . Wouldnt mind having if in the cards . Wouldnt stop me from buying another without.

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I'll be happy to answer that question.

Plain and Simple -- ABS saved my life on at least two occasions. I live in NJ where there is more people per square mile than any State in the union. Ride an interstate, state highway, county road -- your choice, and you will see just about EVERYONE is either reading a text, typing a text, or talking on a cell phone, even in heavy traffic. There was one occasion, traffic in all 3 lanes was heavy and moving in excess of 60 MPH. The Driver in the right lane had a cell phone stuck in his ear and decided he wanted to occupy the same space as I was in. Without looking he pulls into my lane while my front wheel was even with his back door, and I had no choice but to brake with everything I had. ABS kept me upright while cages were swerving and braking all around me. Had I not had ABS and tried to brake like that, I would have locked the wheels and went down, most likely to be run over by one of the vehicles swerving in various directions. why I won't own or ride a motorcycle on the east coast without ABS!
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Have a friend who just traded in his '07 after an expensive go round to fix his ABS light. When I asked if his new '17 had ABS he replied "No way!, do a search on GW ABS problems".

I don't care because my '06 does not have ABS and at 44K miles it will be a while before I'll be trading it in.. Besides, with two bikes, having only one with ABS is asking for trouble..
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I think it's partly the same situation as with ABS cars. Drivers forget they can steer while braking to the max.. Many times they will jam on the brakes and drive right into an obstacle. I've crashed hard when I locked a rear wheel, I now have ABS and wouldn't go back. The GW is not the best bike to argue the benefit of ABS as it is pretty hard to lock the wheels. Try a lighter bike with/without ABS and the benefit becomes more obvious. You only may need it once, but then you'll appreciate it.
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Had a friend buy a new (used) bike last year. He called me from the dealership and asked me if I thought it was a good deal. The bike was a 2014 level 2 (non-ABS). It was reasonably priced and was in great condition but it didn't have ABS. I told him I personally wouldn't buy another street bike without ABS and certainly not a 900 pound street bike but it was his money and the price for the non-ABS one was reasonable if he didn't want to hold out for an ABS one.

He bought the bike without ABS.

He laid it down on the way home from the dealership when he locked up the wheels trying to avoid a deer. He got pretty banged up and the bike had a ton of damage and he definitely spent any money he might have saved by buying the cheaper bike without ABS. Pretty hard and near instant lesson in his case.

ABS helps you stay in control and can save your life and probably will pay for itself by keeping you from crashing. ABS is totally worth it IMO.

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I would never buy a bike without ABS, It has saved me a couple times I know of and likely many times I didn't know of.

One time a deer ran across a road in front of my buddy and I on a trip, we were both going 70mph+, he was on a BMW and I was on the Goldwing.

Both of us have ABS and stopped without an issue, then we noticed the road covered with a light silt like sand that for sure would have sent us both down.

If you drive on perfectly clean and dry road you probably don't need ABS.
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The heart of the article and the issue in this country is the disparity between safety regulatory agencies and law makers. The large US makers (HD and Indian) will continue to move forward and meet set standards for the models they export to other countries.

Ideology dictates that any/all regulations are bad, so not only will there be no legislation to make ABS mandatory, it's argued with moronic nonsense that there is "no proof" it saves lives, it's mandate will eliminate consumers freedom of choice, and that legislative mandate will somehow hurt business at all levels. Meanwhile 2/3 of the intelligent world and the 3/4's of the worlds motorcycles they produce have moved beyond ABS with traction control, pulsating brake lights and lighting to make motorcycles more visible. While other countries are agreeing on standards for such developments, the US is using ideology as a reason to not set standards for consumers or manufacturers. Stupid is as stupid does....yet the same morons banned small motorcycle imports until they buy more US beef. Meanwhile US consumers are still buying bikes with no ABS, no traction control, no linked brakes, incandescent brake lights that don't pulsate, and many with less than 2 inch incandescent turn signals. In addition, many states and rider organizations are now emphasizing that educating drivers is the new "best practice" towards better motorcycle safety. Only in 'Merica my friends.

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