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Yeah, what Bill, Dennis, and Ronbien said pretty much covers it.

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Originally Posted by Arn Butt Bill
Lookie there! Broke Back Bikers! :P

Originally Posted by cjmitch View Post
Lets see... last time I checked, Army, Marines, and Airforce BEATS lame fat goldwing rider with a gun
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I saw a small group of Outlaws up around St. Augustine last month...was taking Mom back to NJ...she said look at all those riders so close together... must be as Nedro pointed out ("not that there is anything wrong with that!")... also told her not to make eye contact, that they are bikers, not riders...said we are riders...they are 1%ers...she understood completely...


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A portion of my adolescent life was spent growing up on 41st Street in San Bernardino, more or less the birthplace of Hells Angels. I got to know quite a few of the characters. In fact, they helped me put together my first street legal (sort of) motorcycle back in '68, a "Jap-bike chopper." They were basically societal drop-outs that found their identity by hanging together. Indeed they were outlaws and thugs that liked to make noise and party hard. Drugs and alcohol were the currency of their lives.

Oddly enough I liked the guys, and they had an odd way of letting me know I was okay around them. But they seemed to work hard at making sure that I didn't screw around and end up like them.

I identify motorcyclists like them as 1%ers, and although I am glad I'm not one of them I have nothing against them at all. They are just another part of the machine.

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Good post, Dorian...back in my wild and crazy youth, I also knew quite a few bikers such as those of which we speak...the difference them and some/most of us, is that we do fit somewhat into society, and they either choose not to, or unable to make the necessary behavioral changes in order to fit with society...whether antisocial or sociopath, the 1%ers are social misfits and generally do not work and pay taxes...do not follow our laws...and do not behave appropriately...some may know proper ways of being, but choose to follow another path...heck, if it weren't for all the negative stuff about them (their violence, their misogyny, their outlaw lives) I could almost envy their freedom...but not with their severe handicap of social disregard...a shame, they are basically handicapped, socially disabled...


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Way back when, I don't recall ( I should) but the American Motorcycle Association AMA, made a statement that " 99% of all motorcycle riders are nice people" The outlaw motorcycle clubs/gangs adopted this as a "Badge of Honer" saying that they were the other 1%....as time passed most outlaw motorcycle club/gangs started wearing a "1%" patch signifying that they were outside the AMA and other laws....thus the 1%er was born.
The term 1%er still notes these rider/bikers as outlaws in the motorcycle world. As stated, some f the most notable ones are; Hells Angles, Outlaws, Bandidos, Pagans, Iron Horseman, Mongols, Sons of Silence...and many puppet clubs of the major players.
Most if not all, wear a "three piece" patch or "colors" as their called...rocker at the top and center patch and a rocker at the bottom...most other motorcycle clubs, such as Harley Owners Group ( HOG, Southern Cruisers, Christian Motorcycle Association etc.) wear only a two or one piece patch, top rocker and a center patch with no "MC" patch on their vest....the only exception to this "rule" is the Blue Knights.
The Blue Knights are a Law Enforcement motorcycle club that wears a three piece patch, but the international vest or colors are a light blue, opposite of the black vest the outlaw clubs wear. Some do wear a black vest with the BK colors and is acceptable now, but the official color is light blue.

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Originally Posted by nedro
To be look at as a 1%er = Useless lowlife.
To consider yourself a 1%er = Idiot! (or baffoon in some cases)
NEDRO, all of us grow up in different circumstances, Was one but not now , just grew up I guess, most people who know me would never suspect it. Yes may have been crazy but is was my life for awhile, still have many 1%er friends they are NOT ALL bad.

The real definition is, 99% of the biking community are good law abiding folks, the other 1% is not.

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This is where all this "my chrome's shinier than you're chrome" get's started. "Motorcyclist" geeez!

Plain and simple, a "biker" is someone that rides in snow, rain, wind or 100+ degrees. He (or she) rides further than the nearest yuppy bar and back. Doesn't really like big group rides, would rather "head out into the territory" alone. 200-300 miles is a nice "Sunday Drive". Many only have one primary vehicle and it only has two wheels. And a biker stops for ANY other rider who is in distress and does his best to help, regardless of the brand on the tank.

A 1%er is truly an outlaw, either been in the pen or has performed some duty for the club that warrants the claim. Very few real 1%ers out there.
Anymore, most are posers that got their patch at a Sturgis mainstreet stall.


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Just like MrTwain said.
99% of the bikers, ( motorcyclists) are law abiding.
A 1% er is one who derives a lifestyle which is 100% supported by illegal activities. As well in most cases you do not get to where a 1% patch till you are a 'full patch' member or a "Nomad".{a Nomad is a contract member which does not belong to any specific Chapter, but do "work" for the clubs (read between the lines here)}
Hang Arounds or Prospects are NOT allowed to wear a 1%.

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Take this for what it's worth. I used to "work with" members of some of the national MC gangs. To earn a 1% patch required committing murder. Look closely at the vests. You won't see too many 1% patches. Each item has its own significance and the rules vary somewhat between clubs.

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