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I think the alternator failed

I was on my way to Ironhorse1800's new farm today when I saw my dash display going off and on, and my ABS light was blinking. I stopped to check things out, saw nothing wrong, so restarted the engine and hit the road again. No blinking lights, at first. About a mile down the road, the ABS light starts blinking again, the dash lights went out, and then the tach, speedo, and temperature gauge all went to zero. It dawned on me that my alternator had gone out. I'm surprised the engine started! I made it to a service station so I'd have a safe place to wait.

I called Hoss and told him I wasn't coming. He said to pull the headlight fuse, and use booster cables from a car battery to charge it enough to make it back home. I boosted it for about 45 minutes, and it barely made the 75 miles back home. The last 10 miles or so the dash was blank, abs light was blinking, and all gauges were on zero.

The last hundred or so yards to my house is gravel so I slowed. That's when the dash lit up again, and the gauges started working. I pulled into the garage and let it idle. I believe that the alternator is charging at low speeds, but not at higher speeds. Is this a normal failure mode?

Background story is that at 150,000 miles I had the original alternator replaced with a brand-new Honda alternator from HDL. I intended to do so again at 300,000 miles but it didn't last quite long enough for I have only 282,000 miles on the bike. I just checked HDL, but it appears they no longer sell alternators.

When I asked this question a few years ago the general consensus was to buy new, not rebuilt. I want an alternator to last me another 150,000 or so miles so I'm pretty sure that means a new one. If HDL doesn't have them, where's another good place? My local Honda dealer is closed until after New Years. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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