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Question new to forum, need to hear from ex harley riders.

Well, I need some guidance, I am going to the honda dealership tomorrow to look at an 08 goldwing with 20k miles.
A little about myself, I came from sportbikes growing up, looooooove the speed and smoothness of them, had an 86vfr 700, a 2001 honda superhawk, and then a 2003 gsxr 750. I was 26 when i got my first harley, and have had 4 total. I have always loved honda. I have always thought goldwings were "neat". i liked their looks, i liked all the gadgets and was actually going to buy one back when I was 26, (I am 34 now) but i wanted to join a MC and they mandated you to have a harley or american made bike, so I bought the harley and later joined a veterans MC. I was also talked out of the goldwing because I was 26 (i guess people young cant ride them). I have now gotten out of the club life and I ride a lot still, 20k miles a year or more usually. Most of my riding are trips with the wife on back, and we have 4 trips across the state, and one across the country this year So we are looking into the touring bike. Oh, I also commute 130 miles to work one way! I made a list of pros and cons of going back to an ultra classic or going to the wing. So I guess I would like to know some of the unknowns (to me) of the goldwing from experienced riders and ex harley riders.

Pros for the ultra IMHO are kinda short, with a pretty good list of cons. I always had mechanical problems with the harleys, a few were pretty pricey fixes few were cheap and a few left me stranded. I did find the ride of the ultra very smooth, but slow, and the stock suspension was HORRIBLE. And my least favorite part, the engine is hot enough to pan sear steaks on. and finally,for me, it took thousands of dollars, and customization to get comfy on the ultra. The good thing about the harley is the dealer network and the crazy amounts of people that have them, so i guess its the "in crowd" bike. Oh, and the brakes, were god awful on my ultra classic, and even worst on my dyna.

the wing i'm looking at has highway pegs, back rest, trunk rack, and a few other ad ons, it's white also, and im sick of black LMAO (harley black) I have never been one to care what people think of me, and i like practicality over popularity, so me bein 34 and riding a wing isn't an issue. people already giving me crap for going to look at them i just laugh it off.

So my questions, are the wings really that dependable? I have heard of 300k miles on them? Are they really that better handling, faster, and smoother than the modern day ultra like my year 2012 with the 103 ci engine? Comfort, i find that my low back is murdered after 400-500 miles on the dyna in a day, I used to ride 600 on the ultra and it felt decent (i had to replace bars, footpegs, and seat). For the wing, with the hwy pegs and back rest, the bike should be comfy right? I miss the days of my sport bikes, but need a bike for me and the mrs, and have heard goldwings can get up and go, maneuver well, and hang with a bunch of bikes that are much quicker on paper.

I have watched numerous youtube videos and I can't find many negatives on them, are they really the bees knees? the cats meow? lol After hearing one with aftermarket exhaust, It really pushed me over the edge to set up a test ride tomorrow. I have never heard an aftermarket exhaust on a wing in person, and from the videos, SOUNDS AMAZING.

I'm being long winded, but i'm anxious about the test ride tomorrow, and just want to know if i'm making the right decision of looking away from harley, giving up, going against the grain of the biker world, and now i'm rambling............anyhow, thanks for taking the time to read this and help me out with this. I just dont want to make a decision and then look at harleys as i pass them and wish i was still riding slow, hot, and unable to brake safely hehehehe.
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