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I've only been riding for 4 years, started at 54, and have always drooled over a Goldwing. As an inexperienced rider, I just assumed they were too big for me to handle. Long story short, a friend had one that I tried 3 years ago, bought a used 2010 model and have never looked back. Ride solo 100%. I still have a Vstrom 650 which I like, but every time I'm on it I think, why am I not riding my GW. I've never ridden a Harley, but have talked to people who've ridden both. If you want to be in the Harley club, get a Harley. If you want a dependable bike that is an absolute joy to ride, get a GW. No question in my mind that Harley's are great for being a Harley and for being in the 'in' crowd, but apples to apples, they come up short as a motorcycle compared to a GW.
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