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Honda was probably worried that their dealership trained technician might be prone to grab a hulking wrench with a designed range far exceeding the target torque. Consider the technician will have a heavier wrench on hand due to the high spec at the right side that is too large for the lower reading. Most torque wrenches, even when in calibration, yield reliable results chiefly in the upper 60% to 90% of their range; or so I have been told. I am not sure of the 20" beam length spec, except that is about how long low middle range beam wrenches are, so again, it may be to keep that 17 year-old freckle faced kid from grabbing a wrench with a face reading "0 to 250" pound feet. The spec for the engine mount tension is even less and call for a tiny beam type wrench. I would follow the shop annual advice on this one. I have wondered if we can reliably adjust the preload on those bearings with the suspension spring and wheel/tire attached. Probably much better than riding wit loose or tight setting, we may never know as it would be a royal PIA to check just to see.


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