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Originally Posted by Farmguy View Post
I think it's because the special tool that is used with the wrench does not place the end of the torque wrench over the centre of the nut as it would with a normal socket.

The special tool adds a few inches to the length of the torque wrench (torque arm length), so rather than working at 20", it is working at 22 or 23 (or whatever the 'special tool' adds)

Perhaps someone can post a picture from the manual that shows the wrench on the tools (someday I'll figure out how to copy pics from the manual; it's on page 15-27 of the electronic manual published in about 07 )

the accompanying torque spec says:

TORQUE: Actual: 108 Nm (11.0 kgfm, 80 lbfft)
Indicated: 98 Nm (10.0 kgfm, 72 lbfft)

The difference in the two ( 72 indicated vs 80 ft-lb actual) is due to the ratio of the length of the torque wrench to the length of the wrench+tool that is being used to apply the torque.

(again, a picture is worth a 1000 (or more) words -- if someone has the method to post the pic figured out)

EDIT: I don't think the important part is the beam, but rather that the wrench does not have a ratcheting head. Not having a ratcheting head ensures that the torque wrench stays directly in line with the 'special tool', so that the ratio of the indicated and actual does not change.
Yup. Agree - I think you came up with the answer in your edit.

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