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A few things to consider if you're thinking about doing long distance rides: First, the early F6B's did not have Cruise Control. It's one of those options that if you've never had it, you'll probably wonder why anyone would want it; but after you've had a bike with it, you'll not want a long distance bike without it. This is particularly true west of the Mississippi, as it can be a long, long, long ride between two points. A friction Throttle Stop ain't the same thing! Second, if you're thinking about traveling in a group a CB radio is a nice thing to have. I don't think any F6B's came with or can support the seriously overpriced Honda CB Radio. But there are several aftermarket versions available. The range is fairly short (1 - 2 miles) because a bike has a really poor Ground Plane. Harley calls their CB radio a "Bike to Bike Communications System" and really, it's the same thing on our Goldwings. I have both and they're almost identical, even with low SWR readings. Third, depending on how you look at it, the selling price for an F6B can be extremely attractive. I'm not sure what's happening outside of my neck of the woods, but they don't seem to be selling to many of them. The GL1800's are going for a seriously deep discount if you shop around and the F6B's start cheaper and probably have a larger percentage (properly negotiated) discount.The downside of this is that the resale value is really poor and finding a buyer at any price might be a bit challenging. OTOH if you're considering a used bike . . . . well then . . . . so much the better for you!

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