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I done plenty of looking and reading on their web.

I was more interested in riders/users opinion of their efficacy, durability, and elimination of turbulence, prevent cold air, installation difficulty, etc.

They both claim to be the panacea of windshields, fair enough.

From what I can tell, they both let air in from below which indeed is likely to lower the resistant force of the incoming air; however, during the cold days, that must mean that you get a lot of cold air in the inside of the shield, no?

Then I gather one is knob mech operated and the other is a sort of shield on top of a shield that works with a electric switch

They both look pretty straight on top which from my previous experience means that they don't blow the air over your head like the flared ones. but then again, that's what that air-space is for on the bottom, I presume.

I would have to use them in order to really do a 'real' eval. But since I can't use them both on either bikes, then I am relaying on some good old forum opinionated folks to feed me food-for-thought.
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