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Originally Posted by GLer View Post
I was more interested in riders/users opinion of their efficacy, durability, and elimination of turbulence, prevent cold air, installation difficulty, etc.
From what I can tell, they both let air in from below which indeed is likely to lower the resistant force of the incoming air; however, during the cold days, that must mean that you get a lot of cold air in the inside of the shield, no?
Then I gather one is knob mech operated and the other is a sort of shield on top of a shield that works with a electric switch
They both look pretty straight on top which from my previous experience means that they don't blow the air over your head like the flared ones. but then again, that's what that air-space is for on the bottom, I presume.
I'll do my best about the Madstad.

Efficacy? I don't know what that means. However, I just Googled that word and it means does it do what it's supposed to. Yes it is very efficacious.

Durability? Yes, no issues in 2 years.

Elimination of turbulence? Total elimination.

Prevention of cold air? Yes, no cold air sucked into the rider or passenger bubble.

Installation difficult? Not if you follow instructions and have the proper tools.

Knob operated? Yes, knobs to change the rake and height. Very easy to set it up and then forget about it.

I don't know the flow pattern of air over the top of the Madsad. I would have to do a wind tunnel smoke test to answer that one.

Any more specific questions?

2013 F6B, black, with ABS
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