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This one is interesting to me. NADA has list price at 19,999 which seems high to me. Retail at 13,860. KBB has the excellent condition price at 13,150. From that standpoint it seems like a good deal. From my own perspective it's new but it's 4 years old so interest in it is low especially since the new ones come with more goodies. If you don't care about the differences between a 2016 and a 2013 then that doesn't matter.

NADA has 2016 f6b standard at 20,499 retail and average retail at 15,695. In my humble opinion there's just not enough cost difference to justify the 2013 at that price since I believe a 2016 would sell for very close to the NADA average retail of 15,695. But that's me. I also won't finance a motorcycle but that's a personal thing. I did once so the dealer could get their kick back but I paid it off immediately. It got me a lower price. If interest rate was something like 2.5% I'd probably do financing because it's almost free money at that point but at 5.99 it's now costing you over 16,300 at either payment option unless you pay off early.

It's a tough call on this one to me. I don't think it's a losing deal but in my opinion is it's a reasonable. The question is, if you pay the price will YOU think it's a good deal and when you ride it will you be smiling. Probably. If it's what I wanted I'd probably be happy with it.

FYI - I have a 2014 GW and am no longer able to live without real cruise control.
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