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Originally Posted by AnthonyGen View Post
I found a brand new 2013 F6B and have secured a deal on it but haven't signed the paperwork. Can you guys tell me if this is a solid deal?

2013 F6B Standard $13,200 + $250 Doc Fee + $890 Tax = $14,340 out the door. The dealer has me approved through American Honda Finance at 5.99% for either 60 or 72 months. I'm putting down $1,200 and financing $13,000 for a payment of either $251 on 60 months or $215 for 72 months and no prepayment penalty.

I bought a 2013 F6B new in May 2015 for $12,999 but it was classified as a dealer demo unit with a little over 100 miles on it. I'm just wondering if there should be more of a discount today being that the bike would be 2 years older? The dealer told me he's throwing in all incentives and still losing $200 at selling it for this price.

I've regretted selling my prior F6B and ready to buy another especially since it was discontinued. It's sort of sad it didn't sell better and didn't make it.

Thanks for any input as I need to let the dealer know soon.
I would negotiate the $250 buck document fee price. Ask for a breakdown of everything that makes up the 250 buck document fee cost.
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