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Originally Posted by mhgoldwing View Post
I suspect the resale value of the '13 is tanked, so if you plan on keeping it a long time then that's ok. No reverse or cruise is why there are still '13's in stock. Your choice. Personally, I would opt for a newer one.

Also, the bike is four years old. Tires? Is unit still in crate or serviced and then allowed to be "stored" improperly? I've always been scared of bikes that have sat that long. Just me.
I agree with this.
Tell them to change the tires, flush the brakes, clutch, new battery and check over everything else.
Sitting for 4 years could very well mean the tires are outdated.
Depending on how it was stored (even though it was still crated) I would have a concern for mice,etc. making nests in various places such as the air inlet ducts.


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