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You all certainly brought up some great points that I haven't thought about such as the tires, battery, and fluids. The bike was just taken out of the crate a month ago and I don't believe they have put any fluids in it yet. I'm wondering how many 2015's were produced and how many are left unsold? I'm guessing those bikes will be heavily discounted within the next six months. I doubt they hit the $13k mark or unlikely the $14k mark though given they have cruise and Honda probably decreased production after seeing the 13's and 14's didn't sell well.

I've already asked for the $250 doc fee breakdown and the only legit number I can find is the $18 title fees and $7 temporary tag fee. The rest is BS however they will not waive or discount the $250 doc fee and said they charge it to every customer. I tried to get them to take it off the price of the bike and that was a "no go".
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