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Originally Posted by flat6bagger View Post
I just looked up Chicago vendors.
Honda is not going to be there nor is Moto Guzzi.
My wife just gave me a direct order that we are going.
She wants to see the Can Am Spyders. Uh Oh1

Doug , I think that Can Am is in your future. I've ridden a trike several times and to me they handle terribly in the corners. You trike riders I'm not cutting down your ride. I think they are beautiful machines but I ride hard in the corners and trikes aren't too good at that. Now , Doug that Can Am will flat get it in the twisties. I ran one down on old 61 hwy two years ago. He was trying to shake me. I was on my M109R at the time. Guy pulled over and we talked. Then we swapped rides for about ten miles. I was impressed with the Spyder. You sit high , that's the only drawback. Im sure you get used to it.
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