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Under the "what it's worth" category, if my grip heater failed I would just replace both grip heaters with Electrical Connections grip heater system.

You've got to pull the dang grip off to replace the element anyway - might as well replace it with a much better unit. No, the little dial on the dash for the grip heater will no longer control the heat. Yes - the new grip heater gets much hotter, the little control knob is easy to place in a variety of locations - and best of all - it's cheaper.

I installed this unit on my O2 after Gramps @Grampawinger used to tease me about how nice his heated grips were as we were riding in Michigan fall/winter weather. Man - I wish I had done it years earlier - made that much of a difference. I had Kury Iso-grips on the bike, and still never ran them at full - even when riding in the snow and sleet - they are that good.

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