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Originally Posted by 1potter1 View Post
Nice set up, just FYI I had my GPS in the same spot on all of bikes with a taller ram mount to get it to more of a eye level. I decided to try the EZ mount windshield vent GPS set up and now I a big fan of the EZ mount location.
I don't have to glance down at GPS and with the new set up the screen is right under my eye level with no obstructions to the road.
My GPS mount came from my previous bike (ST1300). Would you please share a picture from the same point of view as mine with your EZ mount shown? I really don't want to block my road view or cover up the view of my dash instrumentation. I do get what you are saying about having to look away from the road. I have noticed that before on my other bike. Everything seems like a compromise

I sent an email to the address on theEZ mount website. It came back as undeliverable.

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