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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
I got a few emails today on Victory closing down. I kinda was wondering what would become of Victory when Polaris bought Indian. Especially after they started sharing models (Scout/Octane), after saying they would keep the company's separate from each other. I didn't foresee them shutting the doors at all any time soon though. I thought the kinda trendy, low, big front wheel Magnum would help them out a little. I do like Victory's Freedom motor more than the Indian Thunderstroke. Hopefully Indian will build a "Victory" model in the near future. Bummer too, I was just starting to fall in love with Victory's styling.

Only thing I'm worried about is parts drying up. My bikes don't go back to the dealer at all, so that's a non issue. And I'll be a little ticked if by spring I could buy a new Vision in the crate for under $10K. Oh well.... I guess I can always buy another one so I have a parts bike.

Most of all I feel sad for the aftermarket shops that live and breath Victory. What the He!! are they supposed to do now? They gotta try to reinvent the wheel. dry up, polish this one up and screw it to the wall in the living room. I can always buy a different bike.
If Polaris keeps their word, you should be able to get parts for ten years. Going to be interesting to see what Lloydz Motor Workz is going to do as they supply lots of "go fast" aftermarket parts/kits for the Vics.
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