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Final Drive Questions

I had to remove the final drive in order to replace the boot on the drive shaft and have two questions for the experts in wrenching.

1. I can't get a torque wrench with a socket on the nuts that bolt the final drive to the swing arm. All the sockets I can find are too deep, I could "wing it" (pun intended) and cinch them down with a box end but wondering what you guys have in the tool chest to accomplish the task.
2. I have lithium grease with moly in the garage. Are there any issues in using that type of grease to lube the splines on the drive shaft or do I need to use a different grease. I hate to buy a big tube that is going to sit on the shelf for 5 years so if a different grease must be used any suggestions where I can buy a small tube or jar.

Thanks Guys.

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