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I had a Ridgeline for a number of years. Other than a change in external sheet metal it hasn't changed very much since first introduced. On the plus side of the equation I'd say that it is an excellent urban assault vehicle. Most folks who buy trucks these days don't much use them as the pick-up trucks that I grew up with on a farm. So for someone who is a weekend warrior the Ridgeline is an excellent choice. I found it's 4WD capabilities to be outstanding on anything from the highway to logging roads. However, for any serious off road travel, not so good, the suspension travel just isn't there. Loved the dual function tailgate and the "trunk" below the bed of the truck. Other than being just incredibly ugly my only complaints were: 1.) Fuel Economy, which around town was 15 or less. On the Highway maybe 18/19. Given the just OK power output of the engine, this is not real impressive. 2.) Drivers leg room. I'm 6'0" with 32" inseam and with the seat all the way pushed back, another inch would have made things much better. The way the floor is shaped (sheet metal stamping) there's no changing things and the "new" Ridgeline has the same uni-body floor design. I presently have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD with the 3.6L V6. Close to 60,000 miles on it now and couldn't be happier. I'd buy another Grand Cherokee in a heartbeat . . . if I needed to, which I don't. FWIW getting 18 MPG around town and over 26 MPG on the highway. Plenty of power and an extremely comfortable driver.

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