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A few of her excuses why she doesn't or wouldn't ride....
1. Didn't have her own helmet - She would wear an old one of mine that actually fit her pretty well. I said ok, and bought her a new helmet.
Some time goes by after her now having her own helmet but still rarely going for rides....
2. Didn't have her own jacket - Again she didn't like wearing one of mine, so again, I go buy the jacket she picked out.
More time goes by with very few rides....
3. We can't talk - Well, we don't talk much riding in a vehicle why should this be any different, right? This time I left it up to her. I talked to her about Bluetooth headsets, specifically the Sena's, but that I didn't want to spend the money for us only to use it a few times (knowing darn well I wanted one for myself anyway). Guess what I got for Christmas? A dual set of 20S's.
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