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I've had a Wing for about 2 1/2 years now. I've been riding with a buddy for that entire time. My buddy's wife goes on trips with him fairly regularly. My wife is very skittish about riding with me. She is beginning to warm up to it however. I have been taking her on gentle rides around town allowing her to dictate the speed. So far so good. She is going on her 1st trip this spring along with my friend and his wife. My buddy's wife doesn't care for "burning miles" to get to the main destination of a trip, so the plan is for my buddy and I to ride the bikes to Fredericksburg, Texas (hill country) with the girls following in a cage. This will allow them to visit and be comfortable in the car on the way down. Then we will take day trips out of Fredericksburg and hopefully enjoy some pretty Texas wildflowers. We also plan to let them walk around town and shop/browse the quaint little stores in the historic town. I WILL NOT ride aggressively with my wife onboard. If I did that, I don't believe she would ever go again. So, I guess I say all this to point out that this particular trip is all about her. She will dictate the activity and pace. Now, if my buddy and I have a chance to go run one of the Twisted Sisters (337 between Vanderpool and Leakey woohoo) by ourselves one afternoon or morning, GAME ON BABY!! I'm hopeful that my wife will enjoy the trip and want to keep riding. So, maybe trying and find another couple to ride with would be a good idea.?.

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