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My wife wanted nothing to do with motorcycles for nearly 20 years, then one day out of the blue surprised me and said "take me for a ride." Short version: we wound up with a Goldwing. We've had our ups and downs with it, mostly ups.

I've learned that what she actually wants from and gets out of a ride can be VERY different from a) what I want/get, and b) what I think she wants/gets. And maybe even different from c) what she thinks she wants/will get. It's rarely fatally mutually exclusive from what I'm looking for or at least happy to compromise on, but it's almost always at least a click of windage off on the why we each liked or disliked it.

All I can say is the more you can help her experiment her way through c) and find a way to mind meld with her to get through a) and b), the better.

I'd begin with revisiting the assumption that another couple in a group ride is the best way to pique her interest. What about a nice ride to a nice destination and activity for just the two of you? Short afternoon, overnight, etc. Some you and her time rather than us and them time? Lots of different ways to skin the cat.

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