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Communication, communication, communication....

Living in the middle of Nebraska, we are 6-8 hours from any pretty scenery. My wife hates being bored on the back. (I love miles! ANY miles!) She loves water, beach, sunshine. (None of which are within 12 hours ride from home).

Our solution was to plan two major trips a year, she chooses the destination( I help by providing some suggestion pictures) and we have three criteria. City/airport access, water, and nearby mountains/twisties. I ride solo(or with a riding buddy or two) to the selected region, wifey flies into the airport, we leisurely ride water, stop at the beaches, overlooks, castles, or tourist villages( which she LOVES) and walk. At some point we find a large mall, shopping village, or tourist atttraction (or if we have family in the region), Mel takes a day do what she does, shops, visits friends or family, drinks coffee, reads a book, stay in a resort with a day spa or something else that suits her fancy. (My job is to make sure she will have a good time on her own for a better part of the day.) this day/days are scheduled with twistie/mountain riding nearby and I go tear up the streets, make sparks, burn tires. We meet back for a nice dinner together with wine and dancing and talk about our days. While I am tearing up the area, I am constantly on the lookout for vistas, sites or shopping villages I know she will enjoy. The next day we go for a scenic ride up through the mountains, or back to the beach, pretty much alternating days when we are together, apart, always with quality time and conversation afterward. We LOVE our times together, and each gives the other, as best they can, the opportunity to do what they love. When we're done, I drop her at the airport and wander back home.

It's what works for us...

It's not what we used to do and we nearly stopped doing what we both love, because we didn't communicate about what we each need, wanted or enjoyed about the two-wheeled traveling we BOTH now LOVE! Planning a Florida and a southern west coast trip in the next couple of months... gotta go do my job, making sure my valentine will have a great time!

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