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Sena SM10 Audio Volume vs Freewire

My knee continues to heal and I hope to be back in the saddle next month. During this downtime, I want to replace my Sena SM10 with the new Sena Freewire so I can use my CB radio with bluetooth. Before I take the plunge and order a unit, I want to check something.

One of the problems with the SM10 I currently use is that there is a mismatch between the bike's sound level and the SM10. Even though I turn the volume on the bike's audio and my Sena 20S way up, the headset volume still isn't high enough and distortion goes way up. Plus, if I forget to turn the volume way down when I switch back to speakers, I overdrive them. I ended up kludging my setup with a preamp to get the volume where it needs to be. I had to add a bunch of extra components to address the added ground loops and ended up filling the area under my left fairing pocket. It's a mess of spaghetti and I do not like it or the anticipated reliability problems.

I want to completely eliminate the extra preamp. It really shouldn't be necessary, anyway. So I'm asking anyone who has installed the Freewire if it addresses the SM10's low volume problem.

I'd like to keep this thread on track, please.

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