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Originally Posted by batmanmiami1 View Post
Maybe a dumb question, but, have you ever increased the volume output setting on the SM10?
Of course I have, batman. (No snark intended. ) I probably should have mentioned that in my OP. Do you own a SM10? If you do, you should understand the problem. Even with the gain set at max, I need to turn the bike's audio way up before I can hear music over wind noise. When I am in traffic, I turn the speakers on so drivers will know that I am there. That means I switch back and forth frequently. It is a major PITA to fuss with the volume before switching, especially in heavy traffic when it diverts my attention from the road. Others have complained about the same problem, so it's not a defective SM10 or a dumb error on my part.

Since the 'wing does not have a line-level output (level constant regardless of volume setting) and the SM10 was not designed specifically for the bike, we end up with the current mismatch. My hope is that the Freewire, being designed specifically for Harleys and 'wings, addresses the gain problem. I have learned to question "marketing speak" and get confirmation from real people before spending my hard-earned retirement income. I'm just looking for some confirmation from people who have the Freewire installed.


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