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Thanks for the responses.

Big Bird, last year I contacted Sena tech support to ask some technical questions. I received misleading and flat-out dishonest responses so I have little trust for them

I'm a bit hard of hearing (due to spending 3 years sleeping 12" steel and 4" lagging from jets being catapulted off a carrier with afterburners on). I tend to turn the volume up more than others might. My enemy is ambient noise and there is a lot when riding at 80 mph.

I'm not concerned about hum. It is not an issue in this scenario. The noise I experience is mostly wind, not electrical. If I rode at more sedate speeds then noise wouldn't be as much of an issue.

I believe the Freewire is designed with sufficient gain to provide enough volume. There is an oblique reference in their marketing materials. But I hope to confirm BEFORE I plunk down $250. I will ask Sierra before purchasing. Thanks for the suggestion.


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