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Red face New Helmet Recommendation

I haven't ridden for some time but now that Honda is finally releasing a more up to date Gold Wing I'm looking at getting back into it. BUT, I will need a helmet and will need to have one with audio.

My preference is a 3/4 helmet. In the past I had an Arai and also had a Shoei. I found the Arai offered better wind protection and was really comfortable except it was a bit low on the back of the neck. The Shoei was noisier but seemed to fit well as well. However, on a longer days I certainly preferred the Arai. I also had purchased a clip on face shield for rainy days otherwise I prefer not to have the shield.

Finally, I ride long days sometimes so would have the helmet on for 16 hours. I think I'd prefer wireless but generally BT doesn't seem to last that long although if I could go BT most of the time but also be able to plug in when the battery died I'd be OK with that (preference would be that when I plugged in, the battery would charge as well).

Any recommendations?
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