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Sounds like you kind of made up your own mind. Go to Cycle Gear and try on as many Arai helmets you want. As for audio, does Arai have one with it built in? Don't fret if they don't. Can always add something. Sena makes probably the most popular headset. Simply attach a unit to the side of your helmet and you can listen to the music from your phone. Their latest is the 20S. You can also make and receive calls. Add a Freewire from Sena and you can listen to the music from the radio on the bike as well as the nav system with out hooking up any wires to your helmet. If you use a cb, that can also be used via bluetooth. If you don't use a cb, you can get the Sena sm10 bluetooth unit and save a few bucks. Will do everything else the Freewire does.
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