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Sadly, my F6B is gone. It was just time for me. I moved onto a K1600 GTL.

However... I pulled EVERY mod off the bike and listed below. Everything is in good working order. Frankly, I don't care about the money I just want this stuff to be useful to someone. If you buy something like the heated grips or McCruise and it doesn't work, send it back and I'll refund your money. I'm a straight shooter.

Let me know if interested in anything and I'll get some pictures if needed.

MSRP prices are what I paid, I'm looking for about half of that.

1. Topcase: Givi E55 Maxia III. Custom painted and clear coated to match fatory paint (Honda NHB01 Graphite black)
- MSRP $365
- (MSRP $139) Admore light kit
- (MSRP $197) Twisted Throttle rack for F6B with all mounting hardware plus the Motec Monokey mounts
- (MSRP $72) Givi E111 backrest
- (MSRP $95) Givi E113S remote entry kit.
- (MSRP $37) Givi E114 liner
- Modified with the smoked side lenses from the Givi Tech version; the original red lenses will be included.
- Binder receptacle 09 3486 00 08. Installed on bottom of case; supplies power to the remote entry kit and the bike’s brakelight signal to the Admore lights
- Binder Cordset 77 3403 0000 20008*0200. Plugs into the receptacle; must be wired to the bike’s battery and brakelight signal.

9. Electronic Cruise Control: McCruise F6B Kit
- MSRP $800
- (MSRP $170) including 2015 F6B OEM handlebar switch

15. Headset Junction Lead: Honda 08B70-MJG-670
- MSRP $163
- this is the OEM passenger intercom plug
- comes with therubber mounting holder; you’ll need to re-apply some double sided tape to it

20. Aux Light Mounts: SoCalMotogear GL18BR
- MSRP $55
- for under-mirror mounting
- these have been modified; the bottom perch was cutoff and mounting hole moved to the sidewall to allow a more “tucked in” installation, which looks more finished.

2. Rear Fender Light: Kuryakyn KU3248
- MSRP $117 + $27 for the F6B adapter mentioned below
- black w/smoked lense
- comes with Kuryakyn KU3234 wiring adapter for F6B and also the wiring adapter for a Goldwing which it originally came with and the little packet of dielectric grease that Kuryakyn says to apply to the connectors

3. LED Low Beam Bulbs: Pathfinder SCMG18LED
- MSRP $110
- 5500K color temperature; matches LED foglights
- from SoCal Moto Gear

4. Heated Grips: Electrical Connections 02210
- MSRP $120
- Heated Grip Kit for Honda GL1800

5. Dash Pouches: Saddlemen 3502-0200
- MSRP $42
- both left and right side

6. Compass: Ritchie X-10B-M
- MSRP $48
- marine grade analog compass
- has a built in light for night viewing that can be wired
- the bracket is reversible to allow mounting options; I had it on the windshield

7. Gear Indicator: HealTech HTGPDSH02R
- MSRP $160

8. Handlebar Risers : MBL MVHC1803W
- MSRP $77
- The 1803W wide style repositions OEM handlebars UP ” and BACK 1 3/8”.
- The width remains the same with no change.
- All hardware is present except for two plastic caps used at the base of the handlebar.

10. Turn Signal Mirror: Muth 220-0578.
- MSRP $219
- Blue glass
- 7 amber LEDs

11. Turn Signal Lenses: Show Chrome 52-733SK.
- MSRP $63
- Smoked lens

12. Rear Rack: Bike MP3
- MSRP $190
- The rack is 100% straight; it’s never been bent or heavily loaded.
- With all of the original mounting hardware.
- The rack originally came with nylon standoffs; you’ll get these plus solid aluminum standoffs that I bought for it
- The powder coated paint is in rough condition and is beginning to flake off.

13. Backrest: Honda F6B
- MSRP $153
- (MSRP $35) OEM backrest with all hardware needed for mounting including the left and right brackets (Honda p/n’s: 77314-MJG-770 and 77313-MJG-770) and all bolts

14. Throttle Lock: GoCruise
- MSRP $31
- the black aluminum version with the tension gear

16. Windshield: Madstad
- MSRP $195
- Size:11 inch, Color: DARK GRAY

17. Wheel Balancing Tool: Marc Parnes for GL1800
- MSRP $105

18. Carpet Inserts for Saddlebag
- MSRP $40
- these are the ones from eBay seller “themonogrammingqueen”
- will fit F6B or Goldwing saddlebags

19. Aux Light Mounts: PIAA Sport Touring Bracket 74008
- MSRP $115
- for under-headlight mounting

George - 2013 F6B, Standard, Black

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