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Originally Posted by jprism View Post
I just returned from Florida and after spending 10 days between Daytona, Key West and back up through central FL just too many dam cars and people for my liking. On a day trip from Homestead to Key West it took 4 hours of riding in stop and go traffic then no places to park the bike to get off and enjoy the sites. Yea I know go during the off season when it's 95 and humid but isn't the reason to go getting out of the winter weather. Give me the wide open west any day.
Really sorry to hear that your time in Florida was not what you expected. In 4 months I have ridden around 7-8000 (s)miles in sunny Florida. The trick is stay above Hwy 50. This is where the best riding in the state is. My personal opinion! Little to no traffic, great curves, hills, a mountain, great temperatures, super restaurants and some of the greatest folks that I have ever met!
I will continue to come to Florida until I can't anymore. If you ever decide to come back... give me a call and I will show you some of our little secret jem's !

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