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I'm not sure I would dare to put Blue Ridge Parkway in an overrated group... However, if you ride more than, I say, 50 miles on it you will see the same over and over again. I hope you'll pick up what I'm trying to say - it's beautiful nature, gorgeous views, curves,....but after a while it becomes same ol' same ol'... Not to mention that the low speeding limit doesn't help that, either. I understand why is it in place but it sure contributes the "same old" feeling after a while.

And yea, Dragon is overrated in the context that you can find the same and nicer roads in VA-WV area all day long. That said, Dragon have that feeling of being part of a large group of people with the same interest - on a nice day there's hundreds and hundreds of riders there, all doing and enjoying the same thing. In that context, it's somewhat unique. My wife and I never ride in a group and always prefer to ride by ourself and enjoy each other's company (it's "our time", our little "therapy") but we did enjoy the Dragon just for that "rider's spirit" that's present there.

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