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I guess it depends on what your definition of over-hyped is.

If it is because it isn't all it's cracked up to be, (no pun intended), then I don't agree. The Dragon is exactly what is advertised. If you expected more, that is your fault. It is unique, challenging, (If you don't ride it like an old lady), and a great change of pace from other roads. I have been there twice. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it both times, and have talked about it more than most roads we have ridden. Unlike most roads, there are not many Deal's Gaps around the country. That uniqueness will always be its legacy, regardless of whether it is your type of riding or not.

If the claim of over-hype is simply because it receives too much attention, then I will agree. The Deal's Gap Resort can be blamed for that. I have read that it is so crowded now that the fun has been taken out of it. It has become a place to avoid. Fortunately, we have already ridden it. We don't have to go back. Too many other roads to ride.

To me, Pike's Peak is far more over-rated. It would be a great ride if it weren't for the traffic. Any area that needs live traffic reports every day is a sign of an area to stay away from.

My favorite areas to ride would be difficult to find even if I gave you directions. The more desolate the better. There is no such thing as the best motorcycle road. There are thousands of great motorcycle roads in this country. Most roads that people say are the best are equaled by hundreds of other roads that are just as breathtaking.

Any road that is marketed by the tourism industry, (including state funded guides) has probably been ruined. I avoid destinations listed in tour guides. Everyone flocks to those areas, which kills all the fun. You have to ask yourself. "Am I looking for a destination, or great places to ride?"

Ironically, there rarely is such a thing as bad publicity. Just starting a thread out of the blue to say that Deal's Gap is over-hyped just adds to the hype and curiosity. Someone reading this thread is going to go there just to see what the fuss is all about.

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