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I love all these roads and I love riding them again and again. I have preferences, but I can't imagine thinking they're overrated. There's a reason these roads are so popular and always on peoples' lists.

I don't care for the Pike's Peak-type road. I'm way too jacked up on the bike to have fun. But that's because of my failing as a rider and not because of the road. When I went up Pike's Peak, it was hailing. We followed a snow plow up. I shouldn't probably have done this, but there were Canadians in the group and I couldn't chicken out to Canadians. I was so tense at the top, I couldn't enjoy the scenery because my mind was screaming at me "WEHAVE TO GO BACK DOWN!"

Million Dollar Highway scared the **** out of me. I promised God all sorts of things to bring me off that road.

Ended up on the top of Mount Washington on a lark and felt the same way. My muscles will ache the next day from being to tense on the bike. But I can't relax with the dropoffs...and the gravel...and the wind...and the not my thing.

I rode up Grandfather Mountain with a couple of friends the other day and it was a piece of cake.

But the BRP is a work of art. I cannot get enough of that road and when people are in the area, I can't wait to ride it with them.

I'm not a fan of the GSMNP from Cherokee to Gatlinburg, but a lot of my friends think a lot of that road. The scenery is phenomenal, but the pop up camper tow-ers are playing "how many slow driver pull-offs can I pass?" and I can't hang with that.
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