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Originally Posted by Tisunac View Post
I'm not sure I would dare to put Blue Ridge Parkway in an overrated group... However, if you ride more than, I say, 50 miles on it you will see the same over and over again. I hope you'll pick up what I'm trying to say - it's beautiful nature, gorgeous views, curves,....but after a while it becomes same ol' same ol'... Not to mention that the low speeding limit doesn't help that, either. I understand why is it in place but it sure contributes the "same old" feeling after a while.
I agree with you. We have been on a lot of stretches of road in Ohio and Pennsylvania that have made us both say "WOW! That was awesome" at the end. Blue Ridge and Skyline are both great roads that I don't want to minimize. Everyone should try to experience them both if they ever get a chance. But whenever we ride BRP and Skyline, there is never that same WOW factor. It is more like. "That was a nice ride." Blue Ridge can get repetitive and monotonous if you try to take in too much of it. It is the polar opposite of Deals Gap. The Dragon, in contrast, is too short for it to ever be considered a worthwhile destination. It's more of a worthwhile detour to take while passing through to other destinations.

It should be kept in mind that any road will eventually result in being unfairly taken for granted if you ride it too often. Nothing is ever as good as the first time.

One more just came to mind. I never understood the raving about Cherohola Skyway. It was nice, but not really great compared to other roads I have ridden. Based on what I read, I originally thought I must have been on the wrong road. I just kept waiting for the "awesome" part of it to start. Victim of over-hype maybe?

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