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Originally Posted by Hustle View Post
if that's true (yeah yeah I've heard it before lol) then it would almost certainly have to be a different engine and transmission, since DCT is heavier & larger than a standard manual.
I'd wager it would mean a smaller lighter more efficient engine & I'm not sure that would be a good thing....
That was once true, but not anymore, especially on motorcycles. The tech is advancing very fast every year, probably more so on motorcycles than cars. I suspect this is probably because CVT is scorned on anything except scooters.

The VFR1200F DCT only weighs 589 lbs. An even better comparison is the CTX700 DCT and non DCT. The DCT version adds ABS and the DCT and only weighs 16 lbs more. (ABS alone on the early GL1800 added 8 lbs) You can barely tell the two bikes apart side by side. There is no added bulk. And the best of all, adding ABS and the DCT only increases the cost of the bike by $600.

Some cars, like BMWs, have unusually heavy DCT's, and it adds $2000 to the cost of the car for some reason. But DCT is being used in a number of subcompact cars now, and are very compact.
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