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Wing Ding

If you are staying at the Gaylord, there is a $10 parking fee plus on top of your room cost. That parking fee has been negotiated down from $18.50/day to $10 a day. This fee is imposed by the Hotel Parking Management, not GWRRA. For those who are not staying on the property, maybe staying at a different hotel or camping, we wanted to give you the opportunity to have in and out parking privileges for a flat fee of $50 for the duration of the event. That means you could go in during the morning, go out on a ride, come back in and the cost is included within this parking pass for the five days. With their current parking fee structure, without either staying on the property or buying this parking pass, you would pay $10 each time you went in and parked each time - even if you parked, then brought your bike into the building for service and then went back out to park. We, GWRRA, felt that was unfair for anyone staying off property and negotiated this parking pass option. This negotiated price was done with our Members best interest in mind. This gives you, our Member, the best possible option under the circumstances. These $50 parking passes can be purchased at the Valet desk inside the lobby of the Gaylord. For those staying at the Gaylord, simply use your room key to gain access to the parking areas.
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