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Originally Posted by rvrguyd View Post
For those that have gotten a Russell Day Long seat and are shorter, would you say you feel safe when putting your feet down at a stop? In speaking to their rep, I am told that the seat height will increase 1.5". I am 5'-7" with a 29" inseam. If I sit back in the OEM saddle I can get the ball of my foot to my toes to touch but not the heal. If I move forward onto the seat horn I can stand flat footed. The Russell rep couldn't guarantee that I would be able to get the ball of my foot to touch when positioned on the horn, now the wife is wondering if it will be safe on future rides and all the stops I have to do. Balancing 1,000+ lbs. on tippy toes all the time raises the concern. Any first hand experience is welcomed. Any pictures of you on a Russell at stop with feet down might be helpful as well.

I am also about 5'7-8 and I have a RDL seat on for about 4K miles. I didn't have troubles with OEM seat, but this was a deal I couldn't pass up. It gives me almost,at least to me same as OEM. I am a 30" inseam. All the way back I can not flat floor but I simply slide forward slightly and I touch flat. Another thing is to lower the air suspension. Mine is on 12-13 and have discovered no difference in handling both 1 or 2 up. I would not ride my wife around if I thought I couldn't handle keeping us and the bike secure and in control. I also wear boots, regular sole and I am not on my tip toes. My advice if you decide to go this route is to do a lot of practicing in a parking lot, church etc, where you can gain confidence before tackling 2-up. IMO, Confidence and having a skill set will reduce any increased anxiety. Didn't catch your location, but if your around my neck of the woods, swing on by for a trial. I did an iron butt with OEM seat and again, I see no height difference, however for comfort and settling in the pocket, RDL is really a great seat no matter the distance riding. Good luck and keep us posted.

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