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Crash ...

Dixie and I just started out on a short trip this evening ... came up on a little scooter, moped type of thing. Just then the guy swerved in a bit of loose gravel and lost it. His passenger, a 19 year old girl was tossed off and laying in the middle of the road. She'd hit her head pretty hard on the pavement and caught some road rash on her arms and wrist. Neither one had any gear. She was almost naked with just a brief top, short shorts and slippers. We stopped to see what we could do. Another car stopped. Three of us called 911 immediately. I grabbed several cleaning cloths from my bike and ran to the girl, she was half sitting in her friend's arms and holding a shirt to her badly cut head. Blood all over but not a serious amount. She was terrified and I did what I could to calm her, holding her hand with my other hand on her shoulder, telling her it wasn't too bad and the ambulance was on the way. NINE vehicles showed up including two volunteer responders, a couple police, a couple sheriffs, and a fire truck. The ambulance was last to arrive. We were three miles out of town.

With so many there to help, we went on our way. Three hours later we were going by the hospital and I thought I might check up on her. She was still sitting in the emergency room with stitches in her head and ugly abrasions on her arms and wrists. I keep thinking that with a helmet, gloves, a jacket, jeans, and boots she would have been laughing rather than facing weeks of pain and life long scars. Very few motorcyclists and practically no scooter riders in east central Indiana wear any gear ....

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