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Originally Posted by Wingdreamer View Post
Have owned my 2001 GL1800A for almost 11 years now. Been doing very regular maintenance on it since I bought it in 2006, including bleeding/flushing my clutch fluid every other year.
Heres my problem:
When I pull my clutch lever in fully, then shift into gear, or when shifting to neutral, or when upshifting, it feels like my clutch isn't fully dis-engaging. Many time when accelerating up through the gears, the gears almost grind, as if I havent fully pulled the clutch in.
Now, if I bleed/flush the brakes, it seems to be better for a while, then the problem comes back.

Whats the fix? Are any of the rubber hydraulic hoses breaking down/expanding? I dont know of any other adjustment to the clutch system, so I'm open to suggestions!
Maybe you mean't to say "...if I bleed/flush the CLUTCH..."? Not too sure how servicing the brakes would affect the clutch.

At any rate, I had the very same problem on a Yamaha Venture. It was odd because I'm sure I had serviced the fluid when I replaced the slave cylinder on it the year before. I eventually changed the DOT 3 hydraulic clutch fluid out for DOT 5.1 and that "fixed" the issue.

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