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I have noticed so many posters responding to For Sale threads will ask if the bike has ABS....most even saying they won't consider any bike without ABS. This really makes me wonder why. What experience do they all have where they needed ABS in their riding past. Is it because they just feel safer because they are used to riding in cars with ABS?

I have a 2001 wing without ABS and in 114,000 miles with more absolute panic slow downs than I care to admit to, I have yet to be able to lock up the rear tire and get out of control. Never has happened! Most of my panic stops I have had that I can recall have been when coming around sharp curves and finding something that caused me to brake very hard.....animals on or near road; cars pulling out of blind driveways; objects (piece of firewood) in roadway; etc. Braking hard in corners should cause the rear to swing out even more than in a straight line panic stop.

I think ABS is a nice option if you feel it is necessary for your piece of mind, but really can't ever say it would have saved my butt any better than my old GL1800 without ABS.


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